Sunday, February 8, 2009

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

So this weekend I finally took a trip into the city to go shopping instead of just seeing friends, something I haven't done in ages, dumb recession...anyway I went to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show for the first time at the Metropolitan Pavilion and it was amazinggggg. There were heaps and heaps of clothes, I was so utterly overwhelmed. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures in there but trust me it was massive. Tons of vintage stores from all over the city set up stalls and bring in some of their best vintage clothing. The prices ranged from reasonable to insane but for the most part it wasn't too bad. I went in trying to find a white dress for my graduation, no one will ever know why my school is forcing us to graduate in 'appropriate' all white dresses but I'm already fighting a losing battle against them....that quest proved to be quite unsuccessful. But not for lack of trying. I did find quite a few cute dresses but all the sizes are so deceptively small. Many of them look like they would fit easily but each piece is about two sizes smaller than you would guess. The other problem was that in this huge room there were only two dressing rooms which weren't really rooms at all rather just sheets hung up against a corner. But I did enjoy walking around looking at all the different clothes imaging where people wore them and who wore them once upon a time.

Some of the clothes were utterly ridiculous so trying to think of a back story for them was quite amusing. I'm also a little bit suspect of whether or not all the clothes are actually vintage because in one stall I found a cardigan that still had an Anthropologie tag on it. Antropologie was only started in 1992 so even if it is that old, which it didn't seem to be, that's not really what I would consider vintage. I did purchase a beautiful old ring, its a gold band with an opal surrounded by little diamonds. It's gorgeous.
So the show was only two days so any of you I have enticed to go..well you can't..but there will be another one on April 24th and 25th and then another in October.

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