Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rugging up for Wintertime

I love the 80's. Despite the huge hair and ridiculous blue eyeshadow, there are so many trends from the 80's that I want to make a reappearance, and many others which already have, high-waisted skirts and pants....and the latest to show up on the streets of New York..leg warmers. I. Love. Them.
There are some people who may think this trend should stay back in the 80s but I love the way they look and despite what most people think they actually do help in keeping you slightly warmer. Slightly.
I don't think Urban Outfitters has started selling them again yet but I do know that American Apparel is complete with eleven different colours for only $14 each.

Pairing them with converse with coloured tights and a cute dress is becoming hard to stay away from. This week I found myself wanting to pull on the leg warmers with every single outfit, but I stopped myself, making sure I didn't go against my fashion rules of repetition.

Also, anyone who has a good idea for a costume party this weekend let me know, i'm looking for something cute that becomes sexy, like a sexier snow white or something..

j'adore chanel.