Tuesday, May 8, 2007

junior prom..

so i promised to post the picture of my actual prom dress after prom because i didn't end up wearing that gold french connection one so here's the one i wore, its not a big name dress but it was gorgeous and sooo comfortable, i ended up dancing with my date all night long..

i'm on the left..and unfortunately you can't see the back of the dress (which is the best part) in these pictures so i'll try to upload another one soon where you can see the back

(i'm on the left) my best friend to the right of me is wearing one of my dresses too ;)

paolo is my sweet sunshine

so...a few of you have asked who that sexy boy is that is in my weekly obsession section
and basically he's not just my weekly obsession
he's my every single day obsession
and his name is paolo nutini
he's this new scottish singer and he hasn't been around for long so if you don't know who he is already, you basically NEED to find out.
He opened for the Stones in 2006 and his first album
"These Streets" recently came out in America.
He's nineteen, he's hot, and his lyrics are insane.
He's also been called the next James Blunt and been compared to Jeff Buckley.
Basically I love him, and well, you should too.
and you should also join my facebook group about him: http://hs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2291158888
its open so if u have facebook then u can join it automatically
ahh he's sooo hot and i love just allll of the songs on his album
we need to start a petition bringing him over to tour in america..
and if you don't love him alreadyy.. these pictures should change your mind..