Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring = time for sherbert and gelato.

I love the cool spring colours of these Zac Posen dresses.

that man is actually genius.

love it.

Sunnies. Doesn't matter that it isn't Summertime.

Sunglasses are for all year long. Not just summertime.


And for those who don't feel like spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on sunnies i love these nine dollar ones from


Monday, February 19, 2007

Glovessss. !!

as seen on paris hilton,
and i don't always love what she wears but i think these are efforlessly elegant. while also a little bit biker chik. love it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out of Control or Misunderstood?

Poor Brit.

apparently after she shaved it off herself she went and got two tattoos as well.

hasn't she got a best friend or someone to be right there for her?

hope she doesn't lose her kids, she's right on the edge of a breakdown. poor girl.

Scarlett Johansson= Cinderella

ok so i found some of the first released pictures of annie lebowitz's new project for disney and found out that they feature scarlett johansson as cinderella. and she looks gorgeous. end of story.
i started sketching ideas for a line of gowns based on disney princess's, if i ever get around to attempting to make any i'll post pictures but for now this is a pretty good shot of what i would want mine to look like
and as if she isn't lucky enough to play cinderella in this photo shoot she got to play her with david beckham as prince charming. sometimes life can be insanely unfair.

Could the swimsuits of the 80s be making a comeback this summer?

A lot of fashion trends from previous decades are being revisited at the moment like high-waisted skirts which can be really flattering, but other trends such as some of the cozzie's worn in the 1980s should probably remain a trend of the past. Unless they're as cute as this Betsey Johnson one piece,
while cut moderatly high at the leg they're relatively easy
to wear and can be really cute.
Urban Outfitters