Monday, July 30, 2007

this boy wants to play, there's no time left today...

one of the sexiest men i have seen like a foot away from my face...far out
james morrison is a sex god
for those of you who weren't aware, hopefully you will be now
his album undiscovered is a hidden treasure...and every single song is even better up close and personal,
plus i saw him in this wicked little venue in nyc that was full of women who see him as an...'dreamboat'? i mean he is, obviously, but still it was funny to see all these mum's in there, and there were no guys there that had not been dragged along by an obsessed girlfriend
the show was opened by jessie baylin who was actually pretty good, but her set was extremely long for an opening act, and the annoyed/anxious/excited buzz of everyone who just wanted to see james morrison could be heard during her singing.
james opened with undiscovered and strummed his gorgeous guitar with a full band behind him who you could tell, were there for the music, and especially the keyboard player didn't care how insane he looked as he played, each one clearly was so into the music making it an unbelievable concert in all aspects,
james had this way of talking to the crowd as well, in his amazing british accent, that gave it the atmosphere it needed

it was indescribable and i never ever wanted it to end


Bella said...

I must now run to Itunes and discover this god of music :))))

sara said...

looks amazing.

x sara o

Emma said...

Oh God, I love him.

Blooming Berets said...

i love James Morrison, I was listening to him all last summer and I saw him when he came to Australia. Can i add u??

Jay said...

omg i wish you would post again{ i love this blog}

seasonal lust said...

i've always liked james morrison. and these pictures now make me love him.

Anonymous said...



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