Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sweet, sugar, candy man

and even more things red..

next big thing.
well the next thing
that's being added to my wardrobe anyways
red skinny jeanssss. gorgeous. and red.
fire engine red.
doesn't get much better.

and neither does christina aguliera's new song candyman
did anyone else know that the chorus is talking about tarzan and jane?
i had no idea

(Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine
Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine
Sippin' from a bottle of vodka double wine
Sippin' from a bottle of vodka double wine
Jane lost her grip and down she fell
Jane lost her grip and down she fell
Squared herself away as she let out a yell
Squared herself away as she let out a yell)
s'cute though xxxxx


-ciao bella- said...

completely agree about the whole red thing. in other words red=AMAZING. but that is actually quite strange about the whole candyman song thing, i'll think of it differently now... xx

sara said...

I don't think I could pull of the red skinny jeans but Christina sure can.
cool thing about the song

Emma said...

hey, awesome blog!
love those jeans. but they would make my thighs look like spark plugs.

dusk&summer said...

red skinny rock and roll lol :)

Bella said...

I have been lusting after red jeans forever...i think they adorable, but i just hope I can pull them off, hmm...maybe.

p.s. the umbrella necklace is from fred flare :)

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ooh i really want some brightly coloured skinny jeansxx

Lama Drama said...

Great blog! I didn't know that stuff about the song, I see it so differently now.

mareGa said...

I wish I could pull off the red jeans. Amazing on Christina.

marina said...

Hi. Your blog is great ! Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?

Elizabeth said...

i love those, but I could never pull them off!

sure i'll trade links, your blog is awesome. and you just moved to the US from australia? thats awesome!!

-ciao bella- said...

sure sounds great! xx

marina said...

r the link. You are now in my blogroll.

Eliana said...

The only thing to worry about with red skinny jeans is the risk of looking too punk, or even worse...emo. I think if you wear them right though and avoid chains, black t-shirts, and converse shoes, they could be pretty neutral.
Want to trade links?

Pebbles said...

Interesting to know.