Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scarlett Johansson= Cinderella

ok so i found some of the first released pictures of annie lebowitz's new project for disney and found out that they feature scarlett johansson as cinderella. and she looks gorgeous. end of story.
i started sketching ideas for a line of gowns based on disney princess's, if i ever get around to attempting to make any i'll post pictures but for now this is a pretty good shot of what i would want mine to look like
and as if she isn't lucky enough to play cinderella in this photo shoot she got to play her with david beckham as prince charming. sometimes life can be insanely unfair.

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Madison S. said...

utterly... completely.... 100%

i almost died of happiness when i first found these a few months back, and they continue to delight me :)